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Articles - Finger to nose (Norms)
Norms for 15- to 34-Year-Olds for
Different Versions of the Finger-to-Nose Test

Bonnie R. Swaine, PhD, Johanne Desrosiers, PhD,
Daniel Bourbonnais, PhD, Jean-Louis Larochelle, PhD (2005)

  • Abstract
    • Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2005;86:1665-9 (APMR Website)

      Objectives: To develop norms for the time to execute different versions of the finger-to-nose test (FNT) and to determine the effects of different testing procedures on performance in people aged 15 to 34 years.

      Design: Cross-sectional.

      Setting: Research center.

      Participants: Healthy subjects (149 men, 148 women; age range, 15–34y) participated, and 36 men and 36 women were included in each of the 4 age categories studied (15–19y, 20–24y, 25–29y, 30–34y). Participants performed, in random order, 5 forms of the test in 2 positions (sitting, supine) with the
      right and left upper limbs (ULs).

      Interventions: Not applicable.

      Main Outcome Measure: Time (in seconds) to complete 5 cycles of movement.

      Results: Test version and side of UL were found to affect performances; right-sided performances were faster than leftsided. Performances did not vary significantly (P>.001) with sex or among age categories; therefore, the results are presented for the group. Mean performances varied from 3.44 to
      4.29 seconds. Subsequent analysis of variance (with data for each UL) showed main effects for testing position (sitting > lying) and eye condition (eyes open > eyes closed). Versions were strongly interrelated (.85<.98).

      Conclusions: Norms for the time to execute different FNT versions were developed for both ULs for healthy people ages 15 to 34 years.

      Key Words: Movement disorders; Rehabilitation; Time; Upper extremity.

      © 2005 by the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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